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Lemnaminor ?!   - Beginning   2023

Klexs  for  kids

Two friends meet again after a long time. An old argument flares up again and they try to settle it with their own language, in their own way. LEMNAMINOR?! - a play about friendship and communication.


Léa Legros-Pontal - viola, voice, performance

Silke Strahl  - saxophone, voice, performance

Christine Cyris – staging


Image(s)  -  Autumn  2023

For the project Image(s) we confront experimental music with light compositions by the German light artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert. In addition to self-composed music, Nils Fischer (LU), Peter Conradin Zumthor (GR) and Nicolas Gurtner (BE) will write three new works for us, which will be further developed together in various work phases: Through the lively exchange and the joint experimentation with sound and light, the works are created in a collaboration. 

In this project, we would like to take a closer look at the encounter between light and sound and experiment with how the perception of music changes through the light compositions: Does it even allow an "easier" access to experimental music? Do we also "hear" with our eyes? 

Kurt Laurenz will play his self-developed visual piano live in the venues with us. The light compositions will be projected throughout the room, so that we musicians and the audience also become part of the light art. In addition, during the concert you may make yourself comfortable on chairs or cushions or move around in the room so that you can always take in a new perspective, both visually and sonically.

Part of us - Silke - is writing her first piece for her own duo for this project. Here you will certainly be able to discover the influences of the last projects. 

For the commissioned compositions we have chosen three musicians and composers who move on the border between jazz, improvised and contemporary music. In this way, we would like to contribute to bringing these different scenes closer together.


Commission - Nicolas Gurtner

Commission - Nils Fischer 


Commission - Silke Strahl


Commission - Peter Coradin Zumthor

Improvisations - Duo Klexs


Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Light/Video

Duo Klexs - Sounds

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