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Lemnaminor ?!   - Beginning   2023

Klexs  for  kids

Two friends meet again after a long time. An old argument flares up again and they try to settle it with their own language, in their own way. LEMNAMINOR?! - a play about friendship and communication.


Léa Legros-Pontal - viola, voice, performance

Silke Strahl  - saxophone, voice, performance

Christine Cyris – staging

Premiere : 22.01.23 - Mullbau Festival - Luzern

HYPER  KLEXS  -  Fall  2024

The meeting between the Klexs Duo and HYPER DUO appeared as an obvious choice. Adept in original creations, performative programmes and innovative concepts, the two ensembles have made a name for themselves for several years in the flourishing Swiss and European contemporary music scene. 

This collaboration begins with "Strata", the only Swiss work in the repertoire of this atypical quartet. Composed by Martin Jaggi in 2011, this acoustic piece is made up of different musical strata that are superimposed like a sedimentary slab. 

These four instruments form a unique combination with explosive potential, with colors that can be varied at will and with an almost seismic power. Continuing with this idea and updated with today's technical possibilities, the basic Instrumentarium is filled with an additional layer - electronics - which is developed within two large creations that complete the programme. 

The Belarusian composer Oxana Omelchuk is composing a new work that uses extracts of sound recordings from Strata as its basic musical material. Like an augmented remix, these deconstructed and reinvented sound objects - even to the point of becoming unrecognizable - enter into dialogue with the quartet's writing. To do so, the latter takes on another face: a viola and a saxophone filtered by effects pedals as well as a synthesizer and a drum set augmented by sensors.

Martin Jaggi composes a new piece that resonates with his first composition. Like a current look at his own music, this piece is like a malleable terrain where the different movements and reactions hint, at times, at the memory of his work Strata: a contemporary dive into the stratum of his own compositional style, ten years earlier. To achieve this complex challenge, Martin uses all the tools at his disposal, i.e. the entire Instrumentarium available, and cleverly plays with the acoustic and electronic mix.

Like the movement of tectonic plates, this encounter between these different worlds promises to be an exciting confrontation, with surging peaks, torn rifts and landslides as unexpected as they are exciting.


Strata - Martin Jaggi

commission - Oxana Omelchuk

commission - Martin Jaggi



Duo Klexs

Léa Legros-Pontal – viola

Silke Strahl  - saxophone

Hyper Duo

Gilles Grimaître - keyboards

Julien Mégroz - percussion

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