Klexs is electrified for its new project: whether the instruments are simply amplified to duplicate their sonic presence, whether the sounds are altered by effects or whether the whole is completed by an electronic tape, the "current" passes. With "STROM", the duo experiments with hybrid music, mixing acoustics and electronics, thus discovering new worlds of sound.

Thierry Simonot, the sound artist, accompanies us on this adventure and ensures optimal sound reproduction.

Coproduction Fracanaüm



STORM - Ezko Kikoutchi (premiere)

Déchiré d’un espace rouge-gorge - Kevin Juillerat (premiere)
Taped Zen Emilio Guim (reprise)

T#2 - Anda Kryeziu (reprise)


21.04.2022          Neubad - Lucerne - 20:00

22.04.2022          Fracanaüm - Lausanne - 20:00

23.04.2022          Radial - Basel - 20:30

06.05.2022          Numu - Baden - 21:00

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Image(s) - 2023

There is something magical about the use of lights or videos on stage. The space, whatever the location, can be completely transformed and slip into another dimension. In a concert setting, what impact can this kind of visual transformation have on the listening experience?  


Each of our performances has an important visual and scenic aspect, it is a fundamental dimension of our work. But what happens if we give it a place of its own? For this project we are collaborating with the visual/light artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert ina, multidisciplinary  experience.

Kurz Laurenz has invented a unique instrument, the 'Visual Piano' : a midi keyboard that generates different graphic patterns. We want to investigate the relationship between image and sound and discover how the perception of music changes through the Visual Piano's light compositions. Does it even allow easier access to contemporary music? Does it influence our interpretation? 

A real dialogue between sound and image will take place: first the works of Dieter Ammann and Emilio Guim will be illuminated (light compositions), then a light improvisation will be played live in reaction to the work of Ezko Kikoutchi, and we will end with a sound improvisation in reaction to a light work by Kurt Laurenz. 

In collaboration with the light artist, two creations will also be performed. For these commissions we have chosen Nils Fischer from Lucerne and Nicolas Gurtner from Bern. Two musicians and composers who operate on the borders between jazz, improvised music and contemporary music.


Commissioned - Nicolas Gurtner

Commissioned - Nils Fischer             


Commissioned - Peter Coradin Zumthor  

Improvisation(s) - Duo Klexs