Klexs is electrified for its new project: whether the instruments are simply amplified to duplicate their sonic presence, whether the sounds are altered by effects or whether the whole is completed by an electronic tape, the "current" passes. With "STROM", the duo experiments with hybrid music, mixing acoustics and electronics, thus discovering new worlds of sound.

Thierry Simonot, the sound artist, accompanies us on this adventure and ensures optimal sound reproduction.

Coproduction Fracanaüm

Programm e 


STORM - Ezko Kikoutchi (premiere)

Déchiré d’un espace rouge-gorge - Kevin Juillerat (premiere)
Taped Zen Emilio Guim (reprise)

T#2 - Anda Kryeziu (reprise)


Image(s) - Spring  2023

For the Image(s) project we confront experimental music with light compositions by the German light artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert. Three composers, Nils Fischer (LU), Peter Conradin Zumthor (GR) and Nicolas Gurtner (BE), will write new works for us, which will be developed together through the exchange and the joint experimentation with sound and light.

In this project, we would like to take a closer look at the encounter between light and sound and experiment with how the perception of music changes through the light compositions: Does it even enable an "easier" access to experimental music? Do we also "hear" with our eyes? 
Kurt Laurenz will play his self-developed visual piano live in the venues with us. The light compositions will be projected throughout the room, so that we musicians and the audience also become part of the light art. In addition, during the concert you may make yourself comfortable on chairs or cushions or move around in the room so that you can always take in a new perspective, both visually and sonically. 

For the commissioned compositions we have chosen three musicians and composers who move on the border between jazz, improvised and contemporary music. With this project, we want to contribute to bringing these different scenes closer together, in the sense of cultural mediation and a mixed audience. 


Commission - Nicolas Gurtner

Commission - Nils Fischer 


Commission - Silke Strahl


Commission - Peter Coradin Zumthor

Improvisations - Duo Klexs


Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Light/Video

Duo Klexs - Sounds