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Image(s) confronts experimental music with the light compositions of Kurt Laurenz Theinert. Alongside Silke Strahl's music, the musicians Nils Fischer, Peter Conradin Zumthor and Nicolas Gurtner, who move between jazz, improvised music and contemporary music, have each written for this project. An intense exchange and experimentation with sound and light gave shape to works in collaboration with Kurt Laurenz Theinert. This process enabled the artists to experiment with the perception of music through light compositions: does this provide easier access to experimental music? Do we also hear with our eyes?


Simple Morning - Big Wor(l)ds to visit

Nicolas Gurtner

Schatten, in Erinnerung

Nils Fischer


Silke Strahl


Ich habe keine Ahnung. Von Allem. Null.

Peter Coradin Zumthor


Kurt Laurenz Theinert - Licht/Video


Duo Klexs

Léa Legros Pontal - Viola

Silke Strahl - Saxophon

Nils Fischer - Elektronik

(ent)zwei - Silke Strahl

Two voices that seem to be one split in two in the first movement, only to coexist in the second movement as two independent voices, connected through rhythm and light.

The first movement is inspired by free improvisation and plays with the physical limits of the two performers. The rhythmic structure of the second movement emerged from a game with two dice. The pitches are only defined as low-mid-high, giving the performers a lot of creative freedom.

Schatten, in Erinnerung - Nils Fischer

Shadow - the silent companion of every living being. 

The shadow creates depth and substance.

It reminds us that where there is light, there must also be darkness.

Simple Morning - Big Wor(l)ds to visit - Nicolas Gurtner

"Simple Morning - Big Wor(l)ds to visit" is a piece for two improvisers built around 5 haikus by Jack Kerouac. The musicians are given playing instructions and invited to interpret them freely, directing their improvisations in a playful way. The result is a constantly evolving piece, reinvented with each new performance! The light projections, conceived by Nicolas Gurtner in collaboration with Laurenz Theinert, add an extra level of interaction, giving the piece a visual echo as well as autonomous parts, as if in counterpoint.

Ich habe keine Ahnung. Von Allem. Null. - Peter Conradin Zumthor

Viola, baritone saxophone

The piece is slow and lasts about eight minutes.

I chose the baritone sax because its lowest note is an octave below the lowest note of the viola and I love octaves.


03.11.23  20:00

Kulturraum Hirzenberg - Zofingen

04.11.23  20:00

 CMC - La Chaux-de-Fonds

08.11.23  19:00

Hospitalkirche - Stuttgart

11.11.23  20:00

Prima Volta/Auf-Bruch

Bühne S - Zürich

cancelled by the organizer

16.12.23  20:00

Neubad - Lucerne

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