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Nah   und   Fern


(Dis)similar. The duo thought up this programme in their own image. The repertoire for their group is still very limited, so the two musicians decided to commission two young Swiss composers: Mauro Hertig, a musician with a bright future who has already written for numerous groups, and Mathilde Bigler, a multi-faceted artist, bassoonist, graphic artist, actor-performer and composer.

In the interests of coherence, they have asked the two composers to write on the theme of the programme. They are looking forward to receiving their pieces, which will certainly be very different from each other.


In Basel, the duo invited saxophonist Eva-Maria Karbacher to share the stage with them. Her solo improvisations on the theme of "(Dis)similar" will serve as links and transitions between the various pieces on the programme.

In the cosmic garden of Fenalet-sur-Bex, the duo Klexs confronted their music with the holokinetic works of the artist K-Soul.

          Programm e          

                        Mathilde Bigler                        

La 4 a Bee (premiere)

                         Mauro Hertig                          

Our Ear (premiere)


              Matthew Shlomowitz              

 Letter Pieces No.5: Northern Cities


                    Dieter Ammann                      

 D’accord(s) (arr. Victor Alexandru Coltea)


             Karlheinz Stockhausen            

Ausschnitte aus Tierkreis


         Simon Stehen-Andersen         

Next to besides besides


              Jonah and the whale               

 Garth Knox (arr. Silke Strahl) 

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