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Spring/Automn 2020 

With the VOIX programme, Duo Klexs has examined the many facets of its voices, both human and instrumental, in an attempt to bring them into dialogue with each other. 

In addition to two absurd and playful pieces by Matthew Shlomowitz and Simon Steen-Andersen, the duo will present three works commissioned to Lucerne composers. Asia Ahmetjanova's piece "Elysée Vertrag 1963" is performed in the duo's two native languages, German and French. Urban Mäder's composition "solang" focuses on the different connections between voice and instrumental sounds. In her piece "Zwölf" Zita Bucher plays with the structure and division of time, space and movement.



Letter Pieces n°5 - Northern cities

Matthew Shlomowitz


Zwölf (premiere)

Zita Bucher


Next to Beside Besides

Simon Steen-Andersen


Elysée Vertrag (premiere)

Asia Ahmetjanova


Difficulties putting it into practice

Simon Steen-Andersen


Solang (premiere)

Urban Mäder

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