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Whoever thought that contemporary music could only be a music of furrowed brows will be positively surprised by the formation Duo  Klexs.

Since 2016, Léa Legros-Pontal and Silke Strahl have been performing and connecting audiences with contemporary music using  an unbeatable combination of precision and lightheartedness. They are mischievous and inventive. That which sounds, becomes visible.


Indeed the combination of instruments is a surprise: viola and saxophone couldn't be more incongruous. Luckily their players possess two very different personalities, which makes this union of opposites most effective. The violist from France and the saxophonist from Germany enjoy the process in which they plumb the depths of their own linguistic and cultural identity with critical spirit and dadaist fantasy to the point that it begins to sparkle with creativity. This kind of debate is the foundation of their work.


Their performances are built upon this foundation. Their artistic work with contemporary and experimental music is witness to their unconventionality, wealth of ideas and sense of humour. That turns their interpretations and performances into mini masterpieces and predestines the duo to band together with artists of other disciplines.


Through their peculiarities and meticulousness the musicians have discovered what they want to say. Most importantly they've developed a sense of how they can say it. Whether it's works by Dieter Ammann, Garth Knox, George Aperghis, Mauro Hertig or Urban Mäder: they challenge expectations, reveal surprising underlying structures and generally have fun. Above all, however, they can captivate people for experimental concerts who would have never dreamt of it before.

Pirmin Bossart

trad. Richard Haynes


In 2019, the duo won the 2nd Prize of the renowned competition Concours Nicati and were awarded production patronage of the Canton of Lucerne.


Both musicians are members of the impro-ensemble Nachhall that was endowed by the Albert Koechlin Foundation following the call for projects, Die andere Zeit.

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