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UrFormen - Automn 2021 / with ExVoCo

Since the beginning of Klexs, we have worked with several composers and musicians in order to build up a varied repertoire, which includes works that use the voice in whole or in part. In a discussion with the soprano Christie Finn of ExVoCo we imagined a collaboration between Klexs and the Stuttgart-based vocal ensemble.


While looking for pieces to perform for this project, we came across the works 'Rädda Mig ur Dyn' by Karin Rehnqvist and 'Ursonate' by Kurt Schwitters. Both pieces immediately fascinated and seduced us. With 'Rädda Mig ur Dyn' (Take me out of the mud), we were disturbed by the extreme tension that runs through the work. The piece pushes the performers to seek the most primitive form of a cry. Kurt Schwitters' 'Ursonate' is one of ExVoCo's favorite works. Kurt Schwitters worked for ten years on his sonata for 'primitive sounds' (Urlauten). This sound poem takes the structure of a sonata in a purely Dadaist spirit. The voice is the instrument and the notes are consonants and vowels. For this project, we will work out a version for our instrumentation together.


With "UrFormen" (primitiv forms) we want to work on the origins of expression. Where does the oldest musical expression come from? Can it be related to a contemporary compositional technique? The madrigal is one of the earliest forms of vocal ensemble music. Can its compositional principles be used in contemporary creation?


Rädda Mig ur Dyn - Karin Rehnqvist   


Commissioned - Lea Hasher    


Commissioned - Nicolas von Ritter


Commissioned - Zesses Seglias


Ursonate - Kurt Schwitters                    


In collaboration with Ensemble   ExVoCo (Expanded Voice Company)

Christine Finn – Soprano

Frank Wörner – Bass

Matias Bocchio – Bariton

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